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Museum of Science

Museum of Science

1 Science Park, Boston, MA 02114

The Museum of Science in Boston is located on a piece of land that extends the width of the Charles River, connecting Boston and Cambridge. Dedicated to promoting and educating visitors about science and technology, the museum includes a planetarium, the world’s largest open-air Van de Graaff generator, an IMAX theatre, a butterfly garden, and permanent and changing exhibits on birds, insects and animals; space; dinosaurs; engineering; nanotechnology; math; biology; and more.

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Categories: Children, Family, History, Nature, Science, Technology, Sky

Pass Benefits

$10 admission for up to 4 visitors. Children under 3 are free. 

Through January 5, 2020, library pass members may also purchase tickets to Gunther von Hagens' BODY WARS and & The Cycle of Life exhibit at a discounted cost of $15 per person (max of 4 tickets). You may purchase BODY WORLDS tickets in advance, but will need to buy the tickets in-person at the Museum and show the actual library pass, with the correct future date to turn over at the time of purchase.

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